Hints and tips

Jo C's tips on what to look for in a good pint

JoC's hints and tips, what to look for in a good pint

Beer preference is very personal but never be afraid to try something new. There are so many flavours and aromas out there to be discovered. Most good bars will be happy to offer you a taste before you buy so don't be afraid to ask.

Please don't insist that your pint is pulled to the top of the glass. I have pulled many pints and believe me it does happen! You need a good head on your beer, it shows condition and will give a better overall taste.

First appearances as we all know are very important. However, clarity of beer is purely aesthetic. In other words don't rule out your pint if it has a slight haze. This could be caused by many things, temperature, yeast count, malt type, and the amount of finings the brewer has used to clear the beer after fermentation.

If the beer isn't right it will be obvious by a combination of taste, possible haze and lack of life.

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