Jo C's tasting tips

JoC's tasting tips

Pouring your beer

How does you beer react as it is poured? Does it foam heavily, does it produce large bubbles or small tight ones?

Looking at your beer.

What colour is it? Hold your glass up to the light to get a better look at the colours in your beer.

Smell your beer

What aromas are being released? Lighter beers will generally smell more hoppy, whereas darker ones tend to smell more malty. The yeast used will also affect the aroma of a beer.

Taste your beer

tongue taste areas

Take a sip and roll the beer around your tongue to cover all those taste buds. Initially you will be identifying bitterness or sweetness. You will probably need to repeat this stage as there is likely to be a big difference between the first taste and the finish. How your beer physically feels in your mouth is also an important thing to think about, what texture does your beer have, dry, chewy, thick, fizzy?

Other things to consider at this point are clarity and head retention, there are many different styles of beer to be tried. If you are trying more than one It's a good idea to cleanse the palate with water before each tasting.


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